St. Charles Optical Eyeglass Policies


We at Southern Indiana Eye Associates and St. Charles Optical want you to be happy with your purchase and strive to provide excellent service and quality product.  We also understand that sometimes problems arise.

Our policies concerning those changes are as follows:

Frames lost, damaged, or broken due to neglect, accident, or misuse is not covered.  Frame warranty coverage includes a one-time replacement.

If you use your own frame, you do so at your own risk.  Our office and lab will not be responsible for any breakages to your own frame.

Scratch resistant coatings do not make your lenses scratch proof.  Proper care should be taken when cleaning your eyeglass lenses.  Always rinse your lenses and frame in lukewarm water before cleaning.  A mild detergent (containing no solvents) can be applied in the cleaning process.  Carefully dry the lenses with a soft cloth. DO NOT use paper products such as paper towels or tissues, for these have wood fibers in them that can scratch the surface of your lenses.  Please note the use of cleaners with solvents such as isopropyl alcohol or cleaning products containing silicone can damage your lenses.  Lenses scratched, broken, or chipped due to neglect, accident, or misuse is not covered.  Lens warranty coverage includes a one-time replacement. Prescription lenses are custom ground and therefore, not refundable.

If you choose to have glasses made by another eyecare professional, we cannot be responsible for any errors made during the manufacturing of those glasses or for any remakes that may need to be done.  We will be happy to verify the prescription in your new glasses within the first 60 days of the initial eye exam.  However, other issues will need to be dealt directly with the other eyecare professional.

If the refraction was done outside of our office and you purchase glasses from us, we will honor a one time prescription change within 60 days of the purchase.