St. Charles Optical - Lens Options

St. Charles Optical offers the latest in lens technology.  With so many options to consider, the best way to select lenses is to determine your needs based on your lifestyle and discuss them with your eye care professional.


Lens Designs:

Single Vision:  This all-purpose lens is available in various materials and provides vision correction for one viewing area, either far or near distance.

Multifocals:  These are recommended when corrections is needed for both far and near viewing distances.  These are available in bifocals, trifocals and no-line progressives.

No-Line Progressives:  This design allows vision viewing for distance (driving), intermediate (computer), and near (reading) with no lines or sections.  The absence of bifocal lines makes this lens the most desirable cosmetically.  This lens will allow continuous vision from far to near.

Bifocals:  Provide both far and near correction in one lens.  A visible line divides the to two areas creating a visible segment for near viewing. 

Trifocals: This lens is a variation of the bifocal.  It is a double-line lens that provides correction in three areas: distance, intermediate, and near.

Aspherics:  These thinner and lighter lenses help reduce the effect of your eyes looking larger or smaller behind the glasses.  It also allows for the image to remain more clear when you look through the sides of lenses.

Atorc:  Helps reduce visual distortion and allows for a wider field of vision.  A thinner, lighter and more cosmetically appealing lens.


Lens Materials - consider what is best for your prescription and lifestyle

Plastic:  plastic lenses are lighter than glass and can be tinted to almost any color and shade.

High-index:  advancements in technology continue to provide thinner and lighter lenses for the stronger prescriptions.

High impact-resistant: This lens is light weight and impact resistant allowing for comfort and safety.  This lens is recommended for children, teens, active adults, occupational safety, and anyone who needs superior protection,

Glass:  Offers great optics and is the most scratch resistant material available.  However, glass must be specially treated for impact resistance, may be heavier, and may not be an option in certain rimless frames.

Specialty Lenses - for work and play

Industrial/Occupational lenses: Special occupational designs allow us to customize lenses for almost any occupation, hobby, visual, or safety requirement.

Computer lenses:  Working at a computer two or more hours a day, may require a computer lens.  These lenses are custom designed to provide the best vision while working at the computer.  These lenses combine a variety of features including anti-reflective coatings and special filters.

Sports Lenses:  Improve safety and performance with impact resistance and light weight sport lenses. These lenses come in a variety of colors, designs, and treatments. 

Lens Treatments - options to consider

UV Protection: The sun's ultraviolet rays pose potential harm to the eyes.  It is recommended to include UV protection on all lenses.  The UV filters for lenses act the same as sunscreen does for the skin - shield the eyes from harmful UV rays.  A must-have for adults and children to promote healthy vision.

Scratch Resistant Coating:  This coating provides protection to lenses from everyday wear-and-tear. Protecting the surface of the lens prolongs the usefulness of the lenses.

Anti-Reflective:  A special coating that reduces the distracting reflections.  The results are: more transmitted light, better quality of vision, improved night vision, and reduced eye fatigue.  Great for working on a computer and driving at night, these lenses also offer a cosmetically appealing "invisible lens look" that make the lens "disappear" and shows the eyes more clearly.

Adjustable Tint Lenses:  This lens will darken in sunlight and lighten indoors.  Improved technology provides a lens that is virtually clear indoors and as dark as sunglasses outdoors.  Available in almost all materials and designs.

Sun Lenses

Polarized LensesThese are the best option for eliminating glare.  Hunters, boaters, fishermen, golfers and drivers are just a few who can benefit from polarized lens' glare blocking properties.  Any surface can create glare in sunlight, especially water, snow, sand, windows, vehicles, and buildings.  Polarization eases eye strain and fatigue due to bright sunlight.  Available in different colors, materials and designs.

Tinted Lenses:  Tints for sun lenses are usually medium to dark shades.  They can be solid or gradient and available in almost any color.

Mirrored Lenses: Mirrored coatings provide a reflective surface that makes the eye almost invisible to others, while keeping your eyes protected from glare.  Mirrors are available in a variety of styles.